Therapeutic Techniques


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is acupuncture without needles. It uses a very simple technique of tapping on acupuncture points situated at the ends of meridians in a set sequence. It is simply “acupuncture without needles”. By tapping, energy is unblocked, allowing it to flow more easily and so resolving emotional issues and trauma.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to believe in it for it to work and once the sequence is learnt it can be used on yourself, as a self-help therapy. When you are feeling anxious or stressed it helps calm you down allowing you to think more clearly.

Matrix Reimprinting.

Matrix Reimprinting, or MR, is based on Quantum Physics, which states that everything in the world is energy – electromagnetic energy which is made up of particles or atoms – neutrons, protons and electrons. These particles vibrate at such a high speed that objects and ourselves appear as solid matter. But, actually we are not! The matrix is the space between us, other humans and objects – but this, too, is filled with particles. We all have our own local field, which is an energy field specific to us. Our memories are not only stored in our subconscious, but also in our energy field. Each memory has its own vibration. “Feel good” memories vibrate at a higher frequency than memories which are from emotional or physical trauma. Most of us will have experienced being around a person who saps us of our energy, or being with someone who gives us a real buzz. This is what we are picking up.

It is now known that these vibrations not only affect our health, but also what we attract into our lives. By using MR, a very simple technique, we are able to change negative memoires into more positive ones which not only influences how we feel, but also improves our health and what we attract into our lives.


So much time is spent thinking about the past in a negative way – regret, guilt, anger or disappointment, for example and worrying about the future, that the present passes us by. We only have the present.

Mindfulness allows us to become more aware of our present through meditation, breathing techniques and specific exercises. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, and teaches how to change our perceptions of our experiences, past, present and future, into more positive ones.

For further information and local courses: Dr Alison Armstrong.

Well Being

Human Givens

There are basic needs that we need for our survival, such as food, water, shelter and enough sleep. These meet our physical needs, but there are also psychological and emotional needs that need to be met for us to feel emotionally stable. These are called the “human givens”, and they are areas such as a feeling of security and control in our lives, giving and receiving enough attention, obtaining enough privacy, having status, feeling part of a wider community and feeling emotionally connected to others. If one area is slightly lacking, we can generally get by, but if one area is severely lacking or several areas are not fully fulfilled then we start to find life difficult. By exploring these specific areas we can find the areas in our lives which are deficient and so address them.

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So….. What is EFT?

I have a variety of tools in my tool box, and one of my favourites is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. What I love about this tool is that it is so simple and gentle and yet so powerful. It can be used on absolutely anything and it is a great self-help tool. It works

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Well Being

Emotional Nutrition – our Innate Needs

Out of the blue, after 20yrs in the same job, there is a change in management and Jeff starts to feel anxious about going into work. There have been some recent changes and a few redundancies. He no longer feels secure in his job, and he is finding it difficult to keep up with the

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Man thinking at computer.

The Subconscious Rules the Roost

You have come off the phone from a conversation with a friend and your internal voice is raging at you. “You did it again! Why? Why? Why? I thought you said you wouldn’t do that again.” You feel angry with yourself, disappointed maybe, or even ashamed. You had promised yourself you would never EVER behave

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can't sleep

Can’t Sleep?

Do you toss and turn at night? Unable to sleep because you can’t switch your mind off? This is a very common problem, especially if lives have become busy or work is stressful. A very simple activity to help with this is to write a journal last thing at night prior to going to sleep.

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Chess Piece

The brain is a pattern-matching Organ

It was so embarrassing. I was sure it was Judy, this morning in town. I saw this woman in the queue in the post office as I was leaving. I was so pleased, because I hadn’t seen her for ages, and we get on really well. She had her back to me, but when I

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Why a Good Night’s Sleep is So Important

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, and we have all experienced what it feels like after a bad night. And if I were to ask you why this is important you would probably say it is to recharge our batteries. But what does “recharging our batteries” actually mean? There are

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