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Through Andrea's sessions I was able to isolate the triggers that made me overeat. She was able to show me how to relearn normal pathways and avoid previous bad habits. I feel I now have the ability to control my addiction to food.
Julie, Aldershot
Having suffered from performance anxiety with my dancing, and "blanking" under pressure, after one session I am now enjoying my lessons more and am less stressed at competitions. My teachers have also commented on the more "relaxed and confident me", and that they enjoy teaching me more.
Mr G, Sandhurst
I suddenly had cravings to smoke again, but Andrea helped me recognise why I had these cravings, and I am still a non-smoker after her help.
Helen, Farnham
I had been suffering with complete negativity about my golfing ability. I was capable of hitting magnificence shots at the driving range, but as soon as I reached the golf course the "demons" arrived to haunt me and I couldn't hit a decent shot at all. I had so many negative thoughts going on inside my head, I even had trouble commencing my backswing for fear of what was going to happen next...! After just one session with Andrea and listening regularly to the session recording over the past month, I have managed to get my game back on track and even reduce my handicap! Thank you so much, Andrea! You have done more for my game than any Golf Pro could have achieved!
Mr CPM, Farnham
Almost a year ago I decided at the tender age of 50 to run a marathon ( London ). Training was intermittent due to injuries and niggles. Normally a confident person I found myself doubting my ability and fearful that I couldn't accomplish my goal even contemplating withdrawing from the event. Just 2 sessions with Andrea in the final weeks of training did the trick! I'm not sure what she did but on the day I felt confident and determined. I had only achieved 13 miles in training but completed the full 26 miles on the day and within the time I had set myself - I have never run this distance previously. All the niggels and fears melted away and not only did I finish, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you Andrea. I did it!
Mr J, Surrey

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