Stress & Anxiety

Unless you are totally chilled out, most of us will have experienced stress at some point in our lives.

If stress is short lived, such as the result of moving house, meeting a deadline, or the thought of an approaching dental appointment, then it has no long-term detrimental effects to health. But when it becomes constant or chronic due to, perhaps, caring for a sick relative, or being in a stressful job, it not only affects our health but also our job, family and relationships. 

Stress is a physical, mental and emotional response to some change in our environment. Symptoms include inability to sleep, unable to concentrate or make decisions, impatience, loss of appetite and sexual dysfunction.  When it becomes chronic it may cause hypertension and heart disease such as heart attacks and strokes. 

Chronic low-grade stress or repeated episodes of acute stress may eventually lead to anxiety. Anxiety occurs when we experience apprehension or fear. A certain situation triggers fearful thoughts which cause an emotion and the feeling of anxiety. This feeling, in itself, produces more negative thoughts escalating the anxiety which may result in a panic attack, unless the trigger is removed.

With anxiety there are also physical, mental and emotional symptoms, very similar to those of stress but more intense.   You may be aware of your heart pounding quickly, shortness of breath and sweating. You may feel faint and sick. It is, in essence, the flight-fight response, but there is no actual situation to fight or flee. Constant anxiety may lead to depression

There are many reasons why stress and anxiety occur and why some of us are more prone to it than others.  The management of stress and anxiety through Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual, looking at those areas that need to be addressed.  Relaxation is key, but there may need to be a change in perspective of certain issues and some areas of life style may need to be looked at. There are often deep core beliefs running, which can be addressed easily and effectively with EFT. 

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