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Hypnotherapy can address many aspects of physical activity all of which can ultimately lead to better performance. It can help in goal setting and motivation when training and help refine technique. By improving concentration and using positive suggestion and visualisation it can help overcome competition fears. Sometimes a negative experience knocks us back, which blocks us from moving forward. Hypnotherapy can help us put this to one side.

What differentiates a top class sportsman to a top class sportsman who wins? It is what is going on in his mind. This is the icing on the cake of any performance, whether it be an athlete, dancer or musician.

To perform well in any activity you need to be relaxed, focused and able to visualise a positive outcome. Before embarking on any activity there needs to be a vision of a positive outcome. It is pointless starting to train for the marathon if, in the back of your mind, there is a niggly thought which says “I will never do this” because then you won’t! 

EFT can work on these negative beliefs, gently uncovering the root cause. Core beliefs such as “I never succeed”, “I always fail”, or “I’m not good enough”, may not be conscious, but will hold you back.  EFT works on a subconscious level and is able to expose these beliefs. 

Guided imagery is a simple way of improving performance. This is because the brain can not tell the difference between reality and imagination. Under hypnotherapy I can guide you through doing the perfect performance feeling calm relaxed and confident. It is also an excellent self-help technique that athletes use regularly to enhance performance.   



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