Depression is the most common psychological disorder in the western world and it seems to be increasing.

This is partly because life has become more commercialised and pressurised but also because there is less of a community support network. In the past our community supported us emotionally. But what is depression? Most of us, at some point, would have described ourselves as feeling depressed, meaning that our mood is low. However, we are able to snap out of this when the environment is more positive or we are distracted from our thoughts. 

But a person who is truly depressed appears to be locked into negative thinking, and nothing will shift it. Symptoms of depression include sleep disturbance, tiredness, loss of appetite and lack of motivation. Poor concentration and the inability to make decisions can occur with feelings of worthlessness. There is also often low level anxiety. However, depression is a very broad term, and how you experience depression will be unique to you, and one episode may be very different to another episode. 

Pain ControlHow does depression start? It may be triggered by one significant event such as the loss of a job or a bereavement, or several small incidents which build on one another. Either way, it results in a negative thought pattern. Any unresolved emotional issues at the end of the day, are resolved through dreaming. So, because of the increase in emotions, there is more to dream about and resolve.

 But dreaming uses as much energy as being awake, so we wake up exhausted. This tiredness results in us being less enthusiastic about the day. We may decide to skip work, or decline a night out which increases our negative thoughts. We then have even more to dream about. Eventually the brain realises that there is just too much to dream about, making us wake early, and preventing us from falling back to sleep. This is a typical symptom of depression. Hence, we get locked into this cycle of negative thoughts, poor sleep and tiredness which just perpetuates the situation.

Hypnotherapy can help on many levels. It can help self-esteem and confidence. Negative belief patterns can be turned into positive ones,  and the future seen more positively. It can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.  EFT helps with specific emotions and also specific life events in a gentle and safe way.  


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