Data Protection

How Inner Strength protect client data 

Under the changes to Data Protection Law, 25th May 2018 I am obliged to let all clients and students know these facts:

1. I record the following types of information electronically:

· For the purpose of financial accounting: Details of payments that have been made to me or that I may make to you – name, amount, date and type of payment only. I do not hold your bank account or card details.

· For the purpose of sending you a copy of the recording: I store all recordings on my laptop for period of 8 wks, which is password protected. The files are then deleted.

.All of this information is password protected and is never passed to third parties unless you have given me verbal or written permission to share information.

2. I record the following information on paper, kept securely in a locked filing cabinet:

· For the purpose of maintaining contact: Name, Address, Telephone number, Email address

· For therapeutic purposes: dates and type of sessions, details of physical and emotional status, responses to work done, recommendations for future work.

· For Insurance purposes: I am required to maintain your therapeutic records safely and securely for 7 years after your last session with us (or to age 21 in the case of a minor). After that, or on the death or retirement of your therapist, the records will be securely destroyed.

· For safeguarding purposes: contact details for your GP and your Next of Kin

Apart from records of financial transactions which may be shared with my accountant this information is never passed to third parties unless required by law or to ensure safety.

Where safeguarding issues are involved I may need to share information without your direct consent. Otherwise no information is shared unless you have given me written or verbal permission to share information with named third parties such as other therapists, police or insurance companies

3. You have a right to see copies of information which are held about you if requested in writing. I am obliged to provide that information within 40 days of the request being received.

4. You have a right to ask me to delete or destroy all of the information that I may hold about you. If I am not required by law or for safeguarding purposes to maintain that information I will comply with your request.

I have read and understood these notes and I give permission for Inner Strength to hold and process information in the categories and for the purposes described above.

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