These short course are designed to give you a better understanding of why and how chronic pain occurs. You will understand some of the properties of the brain and how we can take advantage of these to help control and even improve pain.  You will have a set of tools to help you feel empowered, more confident and in control of your pain and also how to deal with flare ups. 

You will get the most out of these courses if you are prepared to open minded and reflect on your life and make some changes to your life style. 

1 to 1: this is a 6 wk block of sessions on an individual basis. These can be arranged at a time which is convenient for you, usually, the same time each week. Each session is about 75 mins.

Group courses: this is a block of 6 sessions of 90 mins with a small group of 3 – 4 other clients. You will need to be prepared to participate in discussions and group work. The advantage of participating in these sessions is that you will also learn from others.