A Session of Hypnotherapy

Discover confidence you didn’t know you had.

When I meet you for the first time I will not only ask you about the issue you have come about, but also find out a little bit about you generally, for example, your work, your family life and how you spend your time. The second half of the session is the therapeutic part. This simply involves relaxing and listening to my voice. You may lie down or remain sitting if this is more comfortable for you. Each session is about an hour.

Some of us find it easier to relax than others, and it may be that the first session is taken up with learning to relax and feeling at ease.

I record the hypnotherapy session which is then either burnt onto disc or emailed to you, so that you can continue to listen to the session and gain benefit from it. This is because it may take several attempts for the subconscious to take on board any new suggestions. After a session you may feel tired, and this is normal.

Hypnotherapy, depending on the issue being dealt with, is often an aid to the management of the issue, particularly if you come regarding weight loss or stopping smoking. Life style may be discussed and changes suggested.

It is often difficult to gauge how many sessions will be required, because each person is unique, and sometimes what appears to be a simple problem has deeper issues behind it. But you always have a choice as to what you would like help with.

How often appointments are made is entirely flexible, depending on your time and finances. Sessions may be as frequent as once a week, or once every 4 weeks, if this is more convenient. Or you may like to have a couple of sessions, and see the response and then have further sessions 6 months later.

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