Are you suffering with chronic pain?


I’m Dr Andrea Haas,
a medical hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner who specialises in a holistic, medication free approach to facial pain.

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Energy: how to unleash your inner fire. 

Back Pain: 21 secrets to resolving back pain.

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Welcome to The World of Hypnotherapy and EFT

Would you like to feel more relaxed, more in control, more confident?


Whatever your concern both Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will be able to help in a positive way. Emotional, psychological and physical conditions can all benefit, in some way, from these two therapies. Hypnotherapy is a natural state, that we move in and out of through the course of the day. EFT is a gentle tapping technique using traditional Chinese acupuncture points. Under the guidance of a therapist, both may be used to change unhelpful beliefs and thought processes into more positive ones.

I integrate Hypnotherapy  and EFT with a range of other therapeutic techniques, tailored to the individual. These include Matrix Reimprinting, Mindfulness exercises and working with our Human Givens. I also teach skills to enable you to feel more empowered and in control of your life.

How I Can Help


Improve your resilience

Do you sometimes wish you didn’t crumble so easily at the slightest of life’s challenges? And others seem to bounce right back from whatever life throws at them. The good news is that resilience can be improved making us feel stronger and more in control of our lives by hypnotherapy and EFT.  

Stop procrastination

 Do you always find yourself leaving things to the last minute? Is your boss always on your case for not completing tasks? But then there are other things you complete easily. Procrastination is putting something off that could be done today. It is about the negative feelings we have around a task, and this is often fear. Change the way you view the task, and procrastination will vanish.



Improve physical health

Do you always seem to be tired, have a cold or an ache or pain? Why is it important to be physically healthy? Because we feel better about ourselves and it allows us to make the most of our lives. Sometimes making simple changes to life style is all that is needed to get us back on track. But for the complex problems hypnotherapy and EFT work easily and effectively. 

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